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Current Version: 3.11 - Up and Running.

Definitive Pro Release Notes

DateVersionTypeTitleDescription of ChangeApplicability
6/6/2022v3.11EnhancementNew Scenario Management CapabilityAdded several new features to enable portfolio managers to set and test scenarios in situations where decisions are sensitive to uncertainty and changing conditions. Scenarios can be created for: 1) Criteria weighting factors; 2) Discount factors (by year); 3) Cost forecast (set % increases/decreases by year; and 4) Optimization constraints and dependencies.All customers
3/28/2022v3.10EnhancementNew Feature to Set a Home PageAdded a new feature within the "Manage Account" screen to select and set a different home page. The options include charts, dashboards, and lists associated with portfolios and decision models. All customers
3/21/2022v3.9EnhancementNew Feature to Create Custom Charts and DashboardsAdded a new feature for users to be able to create a wide range of custom charts and graphs, and to configure custom dashboards.All customers
3/14/2022v3.8EnhancementUser NotificationsAdded a new feature within the "Manage Account" screen to set up a wide range of notifications. The notifications can be received immediately or nightly.All customers
12/23/21v3.7EnhancementNew Alternative Scoring Option within a Single Browser TabAdded a new feature to enable team members to score alternatives while reviewing the business case. This feature eliminates the need for team members to use two browsers or two devices to simultaneously review and score an alternative.All customers
12/23/21v3.7EnhancementNew "Notes" CapabilityProvided the capability for reviewers to record their notes in the business case. The facilitator can also set up an agenda for a team review, review team comments, and record new comments live.All customers
12/23/21v3.7EnhancementNew "Governance" TabAdded a new "Governance" tab to the business case. This tab provides the capability to assign key roles, set key milestones to reduce data calls, and improve reporting. Moved the "Project Manager" field and project health and status tracking to this tab. Added three new fields: Business Requirements Maturity (selection menu); Business Relationship Manager; and Planned Business Requirements Completion, and Planned Procurement Package Completion.All customers
12/23/21v3.7EnhancementNew “Reports” Main Menu ItemAdded a new “Reports” main menu item with the following new reports: Submission Status; Priority Scoring; Resource Dependency Hours Analysis (for select customers); Portfolio Recommendations; and Contract Actions.All customers
12/23/21v3.7EnhancementEnhancement to the “Resource Dependencies” and “Forecast” TabsAdded the capability to use blended rates for “Internal Staff Labor $”, "Internal Contract Labor $”, ”External Staff Labor $”, and ”External Contract Labor $” to automatically calculate the dollars associated with staff and contract labor, to include resource dependencies. Added icons to the “Internal Staff Labor $” and “Internal Contract Labor $” cost pools in the “Project Phase” with hover over information regarding the resource dependency dollar amounts that should be included in the forecast: For Internal Staff Labor $ - “Include $XX to cover YY staff resource dependency hours.” For Internal Contract Labor $ - “Include $XX to cover YY contractor resource dependency hours.” For External Staff Labor $ - “Include $XX to cover YY staff resource dependency hours.” For External Contract Labor $ - “Include $XX to cover YY contractor resource dependency hours.” Added an “External Staff and Contractor” section and added the Acquisition Management (AQM) organization as a resource dependency.Select customers
12/23/21v3.7EnhancementAdditional Filtering Options on the "Manage Alternatives" ScreenAdded “FY Planned”, “FY Submitted” and “Completed” as configuration options.All customers
12/23/21v3.7EnhancementScreen RedesignRedesigned all screens to use more icons and less buttons.All customers
10/18/21v3.6EnhancementNew "Contracts" TabAdded a new optional “Contracts” tab to the business case. This tab provides three tables to assist the user in assigning contract $ from the “Forecast” tab to one or more contracts. The first table at the top is read-only, and provides a summary of the contract $ on the “Forecast” tab. The middle table tracks the assignment of the contract $ and is decremented as contract $ are assigned. The third table is where the assignment of contract $ to one or more contracts is made.All customers
10/18/21v3.6EnhancementNew "Location" TabAdded a new optional “Location” tab to the business case. This tab provides the capability to enter an address or the latitude and longitude coordinates for a project. There is also a capability to select a location and look-up the address. Once the location has been set, it can be plotted on the map.All customers
10/18/21v3.6EnhancementNew "Order of Execution" ReportAdded a new “Order of Execution” report that produces a list of investments sorted by the “Submitted Fiscal Year (FY)”, the “Planned Fiscal Year (FY)”, and the priority score.Select customers
10/18/21v3.6EnhancementFiltering via Column HeadersAdded a filtering capability to the “Manage Alternatives” screen, which lists all the investments and business cases. The filters in the column headers can be used in conjunction with each other to filter the list as desired.All customers
10/04/21v3.5EnhancementTwo New Fields on the "Forecast" TabAdded two new selection fields , “Project Manager” and “Acquisition Approach”, to the “Forecast” tab of the business case.All customers
10/04/21v3.5EnhancementTime-Phased Resource ManagementAdded a new optional capability to perform time-based resource management at the portfolio and enterprise-level. With this new capability, enterprises can now: 1) Enter the capacity of defined resources over time; 2) Allocate resources to each investment over time; 3) Analyze the resource bottlenecks using the resource heatmap; 4) Perform deeper analysis using customizable area charts and bar charts; and 5) Make resource adjustments and take corrective action to the timing of investments.All customers
10/04/21v3.5EnhancementApplication Programming InterfaceMade an API available to facilitate data sharing with project management and data analytic tools.All customers