3 Lessons We Can Learn from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

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November 23, 2017
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3 Lessons We Can Learn from Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Leaders earn their keep by making smart decisions. But sometimes the smartest decision is to delegate that decision to someone else. Every decision fits somewhere along a risk continuum. An ugly shade of green in the hallway is not necessarily going to damage the brand, but an ill-timed acquisition might—just as hiring a single underwhelming employee will have fewer consequences than the decision to outsource a functional area for twelve global offices.

Business Insider | Saturday, November 11, 2017

On the surface, a few things stand out about how Bezos approached the growth of his company. He maintained a true customer obsession from the start, he never got complacent in spite of their performance, and he sacrificed short-term vanity metrics for the endgame.
As we dig a little deeper, however, it’s clear that there are certain details in his execution that made the surface-level advantages possible. Every company wants to take that approach, but not all of them have the foundational decision-making framework in place to do so. Amazon may be an enormous corporation, but their core tools are simple and quite usable. Here is what we can steal.

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