Our solution portfolio includes:

Definitive Pro™ Group Decision Support

Definitive specializes in facilitating technology and business investment decisions, and managing enterprise risks. We take the guesswork out of decision-making through the use of our innovative and proven solution that utilizes the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). With Definitive Pro™, your organization can quickly build group consensus and make more informed decisions.

Using Definitive Pro™, we power the development and facilitation of a repeatable process in the following scenarios:

Budget Formulation

Identify, evaluate, and select discretionary investments for inclusion in the budget request. Includes development of the budget submission with supporting analyses and justification of the request.

Product Feature Selections

Evaluate and select features to best meet product plans and requirements, and more effectively address stakeholder preferences.

Business Opportunity Selections

Identify, evaluate, and select opportunities to meet business goals. May include concepts for new products and services, selling into new markets, or the purchase of investment assets.

Requirements Prioritization

Evaluate and prioritize business requirements to best meet critical success factors, and more effectively address stakeholder preferences.

Business Partner Selections

Identify, evaluate, and select partners to meet business goals. May include strategic marketing, branding and loyalty partnerships, or technology partnerships.

Risk Assessments

Conduct operational, technology, cybersecurity, or supplier risk assessments. Includes the identification, evaluation, and selection or risk mitigation, risk contingency, and risk remediation actions.

Corporate Cost Savings

Identify, evaluate, and select cost saving opportunities to meet business goals. May include process, system, or technology improvements, and supply chain management enhancements.

Strategic Investment Selections

Collect, evaluate, and select funding requests. May include a multi-tier review and approval process in large enterprises, and "one-click" reports to support Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

IT Demand Management

Screen ideas, evaluate concepts for alignment with the business strategy, and select projects that improve portfolio performance and optimize the allocation of resources.

Strategy Development

Define mission and vision statements and perform a SWOT analysis. Develop strategic objectives and establish their relative importance with respect to the mission. May include an evaluation of initiatives to deliver on the strategy, with recommendations on the allocation of resources.

Merger & Acquisition Support

Identify, evaluate, and select companies for merger and acquisition using a process that is tied to the company’s strategy and customized to its experience.

Surveys and Audience Response

Conduct surveys to collect input from an unlimited number of participants. Includes real-time aggregation of responses, “one-click” analytics and reports, and capabilities for polling live audiences to make meetings more engaging and participatory.

Personnel Selections

Evaluate and select personnel. Includes the establishment of selection criteria, evaluation of candidates, and selection of personnel.

Vendor Selections

Conduct “protest-proof” best-value source selections. Includes the evaluation of vendor proposals, selection of an awardee, and development of decision justification to support acquisition requirements and post-award debriefs to vendors.

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