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Definitive Pro™ helps groups build consensus and make complex multi-criteria decisions, often involving many competing alternatives.

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Strategic Consulting

Innovative and proven business solutions that increase efficiency, boost ROI, and reduce risk.

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Welcome to Definitive Business Solutions!

At Definitive, we are committed to providing innovative and proven solutions to our clients. We have recently released a new version of our leading group decision support product, Definitive Pro™, which we offer as a subscription and leverage as a foundational component in all of our solutions. Look around, and let us know if you have any questions.

John Sammarco, President

Latest Insights

April 23, 2022

Simulation-Based Credit Analytics: Managing Tail Risk and Uncertainty

ESG, the Pandemic, the Russian invasion, and other events create significant credit uncertainty. The chaotic nature of a new uncertainty world creates significant differences in terms of how people respond and the changes related to their credit behavior. The article described why the new phase largely invalidates credit loss point estimates of the recent past and suggests an alternative credit loss estimation approach using Monte Carlo simulation modeling
January 30, 2022

Third-Party Risk Management: Getting the Most of Limited Risk Management Budgets

Over my almost 30 years in the banking and decision sciences business, I have had the privilege of hiring, managing, leading, and being led by many fabulous people. My personal style and approach to people management and leadership have evolved over the years. My evolution has much less to do with the changing hiring environment or even the differences between generations, and more to do with my own personal journey and leadership experiences.