Definitive Pro™

Where big data meets big judgment™

Helping decision-makers build consensus and make complex, multi-criteria decisions -- anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Definitive Pro™ is an innovative and proven solution that helps groups build consensus and make complex, multi-criteria decisions.

  • Our “anytime / anywhere / any device” design supports easy stakeholder engagement. Stakeholders and decision-makers can use smartphones, tablets, or laptops to provide their judgments and be a part of the consensus building process from anywhere at any time.

  • Our patented methodology is based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is the world’s leading theory in multi-criterion decision-making according to Gartner, Inc.
  • We employ a “state-of-the-art mathematical programming solver to optimize the allocation of time and resources.
  • We can support any situation involving multiple criteria, alternatives, and decision participants.
  • We have over 20+ years of consulting and product experience delivering best practices with simplicity and high ease of use.
    Definitive Pro™ provides a collaborative process for making data-driven decisions in the following scenarios:

    • Application Migration to the Cloud
    • Budget Formulation
    • Budget Opportunity Selections
    • Business Partner Selections
    • IT Demand Management
    • Merger & Acquisition Selections
    • Organizational Cost Savings
    • Budget formulation
    • Personnel Selections
    • Requirements Prioritization
    • Risk Assessments
    • Merger & Acquisition Selections
    • Schedule Optimization
    • Strategic Investment Selections
    • Strategy Development
    • Vendor Selections
    Definitive Pro™ includes an optional business case module for organizations that want to improve and standardize their approach to assessing the financial value of investments. The business case includes:

    • A narrative tab (textual information, and planned start and finish dates)
    • A forecast tab (5-year cost and benefit projections; discounting of cash flows)
    • A results tab (auto-calculated financial metrics, visual charts and graphs)
    • A lookback tab for tracking and analyzing changes over time (up to 25 baselines)
    • A one-click business case report in PDF
    • Technology business management (TBM) cost pools
    • Hurdle rates and pass/fail indicators by investment

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    Why Definitive Pro™?

    With the Definitive Pro™ system, organizations will realize the following benefits:
    • Process consistency and transparency
    • Easier participation in decisions
    • Improved stakeholder engagement
    • Increased cross-functional insight
    • Greater consensus and buy-in
    • Optimized allocation of resources
    • Faster and better decisions
    • Justifiable decision rationale
    • Historical record of decisions
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    Definitive Pro™

    Collaborate. Prioritize. Optimize.