Consulting Services

Definitive has provided 20 years of thought leadership to the project portfolio management, project management, and decision support industry. Through the use of world-class techniques and our patented methodology, our consulting services help clients increase efficiency, boost ROI, and reduce risk associated with business and technology investments.

Acquisition support

Preparing procurement packages (SOWs, PWSs, and SOOs). Supports procurement decision-making via our “protest-proof” best value source selection solution. Includes the evaluation of vendor proposals, selection of an awardee, and development of decision justification to support acquisition requirements and post-award debriefs to vendors.

Alternatives analysis

Establishing and standardizing the process for conducting an alternative analysis, which is an analytical comparison of the operational effectiveness, suitability, risk, and life cycle cost of alternatives that satisfy a business or technical capability need.

Budget formulation and management

Identifying, evaluating, and selecting discretionary investments for inclusion in the budget request, with supporting analyses and justification of the request.

Budget optimization

Using prescriptive analytics to optimize the use of funding resources by finding the most favorable set of investments that satisfy all constraints and dependencies.
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Human resource planning and optimization

Managing human resources effectively with project-specific and cross-project resource views and heatmaps. Allocating resources across projects and ensuring that resources are not over committed.

Organizational change management

The application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome.

Procurement and purchase support

Increasing the speed and volume of product and service purchases through the use of custom decision tools and proprietary data.

Project management

Providing seasoned PMI-certified project managers to successfully lead complex projects and work seamlessly with customers and co-contactors in a multi-vendor work environment.
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Project management office

Enabling strategic change by standardizing project-related governance processes, facilitating sharing of resources and tools, and serving as a center of excellence.
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Project portfolio management

Screening ideas, evaluating concepts for alignment with the business strategy, and selecting projects that improve portfolio performance and optimize the allocation of resources.

Strategic planning

Defining the mission and vision statements and performing a SWOT analysis. Developing strategic objectives and establish their relative importance with respect to the mission. May include an evaluation of initiatives to deliver on the strategy, with recommendations on the allocation of resources.

Supplier / third party risk management

Analyzing inherent risk in supplier/third-party relationships, and conducting operational, technology, and cybersecurity risk assessments. Includes the identification, evaluation, and selection or risk mitigation, risk contingency, and risk remediation actions.

Decisions We Facilitate

  • Academic program selection

  • Auto-buying selection

  • Best value source selections

  • Capital project selection

  • Cost savings project selection

  • Headquarters site selection

  • Home-buying selection

  • Merger & acquisition selection

  • Patent application selection

  • Personnel selection

  • PMO design and placement selection

  • Product/service purchase selection

  • Product and feature selection

  • Requirements prioritization and selection

  • Sales opportunity selection

  • Strategic investment selection

  • Strategic partner selection

  • Supplier / third party risk assessment selection

  • Technology project selection

  • Technology selection