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Harness the latest decision science to guide you to make the best decisions.
Our easy-to-use app can be used by individuals and small teams.

Definitive Choice™ is an app for anyone who needs to make a decision, big or small. You can harness the power of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), the leading theory in multi-criteria decision-making. AHP enables you to accurately determine the relative importance of your decision criteria, and to efficiently evaluate all of your opportunities to make the best decision. The app also provides the following key features to enhance this capability:

  • It allows you to invite other participants to help setup your decision-making model and/or evaluate your alternatives. You can then see the inputs of individuals or as a combined group. More than simply having team members vote on an outcome, you can see what they consider important, and how their judgment compares to yours;
  • It allows our partner companies to create structured decision templates for their clients, customers, or employees. Partners can also share their proprietary data to add alternatives and to assist with the evaluation of those alternatives;
  • It enables good decisions to be established as best practices by creating templates for future decisions;
  • It documents the decision-making process so that you can see exactly why and how the scores were determined;
  • It helps you make the best decision by using a step-by-step and methodology that has proven successful when making decisions involving millions of dollars and thousands of people


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    Definitive Choice™

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