October 10, 2017

Group Decision Support for Agency Budget Formulation

  Over the last few years, the compliance-driven “slice of the budget pie” has grown considerably in government agencies. In the good ole days, we contended with the classic trade-off of how much should be spent on new initiatives and enhancements versus operations and maintenance (O&M). The more efficiency that we could achieve in O&M, the more financial and human resources would be available to do new things and address new mission […]
September 26, 2017

Bringing Group Decision Support into the 21st Century

  If time travel were possible, I’d like to go back and facilitate the boardroom decisions when Blockbuster passed on Netflix, when Excite passed on Google, or when Mars passed on placing its M&M product in movie E.T. These are a few of the biggest blunders in the history of business. I can’t help but wonder what their decision criteria was, whether they were accurately weighted to reflect their relative […]