Jeffrey Hulett

Sr. Sales Executive, Financial Services

"Well planned risk taking often ends with positive outcomes, yet with outcomes different than planned."

Jeff is a recognized business partner, influencer, and strategic planner in the financial services arena. He has more than 25 years of helping organizations successfully manage multiple business channels while growing revenues and managing risk. Jeff’s experience includes new business line development, operational leadership, decision systems design and implementation, and risk management. His client‘s and former employers include large to mid-size banks, regulators, governments entities, and fintech oriented non-bank organizations. Jeff’s collaborative approach brings core business functions to a shared vision and maximizes customer experience, and financial results.

Jeff’s passion includes helping all people make great life decisions. He is a board member or executive director of multiple education oriented non-profit organizations. He is a regular writer and contributor on personal finance related topics. Jeff is on the board of advisors for James Madison University (JMU), where he is a regular guest lecturer on decision science and data science related topics. Jeff’s education includes a B.A. degree from JMU and an advanced degree in finance, mathematics, and economics from the Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business.